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Become aware of your tensions and blockages

In a world where uncertainty, doubt, and productivity are the strongest narratives, it is likely we experience unwanted tension in our bodies and worries in our minds.

These uncomfortable states are often the result of strong emotions we are not aware of or can't address properly. Our body is “storing” the emotional overloads: it contracts to cope with the discomfort in the moment.

Embodying change through artistic expression

Starting from the breath

Using a combination of breathing and voice techniques we will explore the blockages you are experiencing, addressing them in a more functional way.


This process will lead towards a re-connection of hidden feelings and parts of yourself that had previously been neglected, developing a more embodied identity through integration.

In singing and making music together, we will surrender ourselves to a playful mode, exploring self-expression and igniting change.


Change, however, requires a loss of control


Through music therapy you will be able to confront this in a safe environment, with courage and mastery, enabling you to reduce stress, anxiety, and many other symptoms. 


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